Julia’s Senior Portraits

When I was contacted about shooting Senior Portraits for Julia I was fearful that my photography skills and post process flow might have become rusty due to my lack of practice. I had been in Michigan for almost 2 years and photography, both as a profession and as an artistic outlet, had taken a comfortable spot on the back burner. But it was like riding a bike – or maybe roller skating is a better analogy because I did feel a little wobbly at first but once I got my footing, I felt right back in my element. It was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. I realized how much I missed this kind of work.

Julia was a High School Senior and claimed to have absolutely no modeling experience.  I’m still not sure I believe her – she seemed very comfortable in front of the camera and followed direction like a champ. I met Julia and her mom at their home which was located on a beautiful golf course. Her mom tagged along and acted as my handy assistant for the session. The three of us jumped into their golf cart and drove around the golf course and neighborhood, stopping for all their favorite spots and every time I randomly yelled “Oh, STOP HERE”. It was delightful! Julia and her mom were a joy to be with. And…. FALL… even though there were only hints of fall colors on this early October day in 2014, the air had that cool crispness that makes me feel all giddy inside. I love this season! I loved every moment of this session.



This session took place in Benton Harbor, Michigan. For more information on Senior portraits, click HERE.

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