Mother Daughter Session | St. Joseph, Michigan

I don’t think you have to know me for very long before you figure out how much I love snow. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida and never got to experience the soft, fluffy bliss of freshly fallen snow; or maybe it’s because my spirit animal is a mamma Polar Bear, I’m not sure. But, to me, snow is magical. Sometimes I get so stressed and worried and I find myself rushing through the day and feeling irritated and grumpy…. then I stop for a moment to take a deep breath and look at the snow…. and my heart smiles.

My first full winter living in St. Joseph, Michigan was a record breaking harsh winter. There was so much snow! I wanted nothing more than to get outside to do a photo shoot! The following year we didn’t have near as much snow and the temperatures were a bit more pleasant. So, in January 2015, I was very happy when my friend Lindsay and her daughter agreed venture out into the snowy woods with me so I could feel like a real photographer again… IN THE SNOW!

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