Film | Kodak Duaflex III

My friend Lindsay and I drove to a huge antique store in Coloma, MI a few years ago and among all the wonderful and random things, I found an old Kodak Duaflex III camera. I didn’t know if it worked but I decided to snag it anyway. It was $6 – I couldn’t pass it up. If nothing else, it would look very nice sitting on a shelf in my living room (and it does). This medium format camera is supposed to use 620 film but it seems that type of film is no longer made — or if it is, it’s very hard to find. So, with a little research, I discovered all I needed to do was take 120 film and trim the edges of the spool with fingernail clippers so it would fit. (Thank you, YouTube!) It was incredibly simple and I was pleased to find out the camera actually works! I definitely need to work on how to control the focus though — most of the images are quite blurry! I normally wouldn’t share so many unintentionally out of focus pictures, but it’s a learning process. Plus, they all have such an old, vintage look to them. I absolutely love the two photos I took at the beach at Grand Mere State Park. I wont be carrying this camera to any formal photo shoots but it was a lot of fun to play with!

these photos were taken throughout 2015

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