Fytczyk Family (2015) | Kalamazoo, Michigan

If you’ve been following my blog you may already know I am digging through photos and memories to share with you what I have done since I moved to Michigan. This was in December 2015: I was still taking a break from the photography business but I was finally beginning to toy with the idea of opening my photography business again. I had done a few photo sessions here and there but running an actual business is a whole different story. Every time I would think about how much I love photography and how much I would like to work in the business again I quickly remembered how overwhelmed I was when I ran my photography business in Florida, when I only had two kids to juggle and I had two sets of grandparents to babysit for free. Now I have three kids and no grandparents to babysit — because we moved nearly a thousand miles away from them. So, in one breath I was talking myself into picking up photography again as a career and in the next breath I was talking myself right back out of it. Self-doubt runs very strong within me!

But I do love photography, despite my insecurities, so when my husband’s coworker contacted me about doing a family session for her sweet little family, I was excited to do it! I met them in a nice area in Kalamazoo with lots of old buildings and bricks. It was December so most of the trees were completely bare but that didn’t stop it from being a beautiful day in a lovely town. And this adorable seven month old baby girl totally hammed it up for the camera, though she didn’t care much for wearing her super cute hat. She was such a doll!20151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-10420151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-10120151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-10920151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-11220151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-12020151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-12220151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-11620151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-12320151206-2015_12_06-fytczyk-125


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