Dancers on the Nature Trail | Grand Mere State Park

I think I have made it pretty clear by now how much I love all things dance!  I’m quite passionate about it. A couple other things I enjoy are: a good nature hike and Grand Mere State Park. If you put those together – Dancing, Hiking and Grand Mere – with a camera in hand, you can find me on Cloud 9!

Last summer, after holding a contest for a Free dancer session, I offered a group session to the dancers who entered the contest, but didn’t win. (The winner of that contest will be featured in a later post.) I set a time and date based on my own busy schedule and ended up with three beautiful dancers who could make it — Caitlin, Vera and Sarah. We took to the nature trail at Grand Mere State Park and stopped to shoot at various spots as the mood and the light struck. The best thing about this group session is that since there were multiple dancers, there was just enough friendly competition to push each of them to jump a little higher, stretch a little harder, pose a little bigger… and the outcome was some amazing photos and a fun experience for all.

I plan to do something similar again this summer. If you’re interested please contact me [HERE] so I can be sure to give you the details once I have them. (I can offer a really good discount on sessions like this.)

Please enjoy these beautiful dancers on the trail.


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