Yanna’s Senior Portraits

Yanna is a foreign exchange student from France, here in St. Joseph, with the same exchange program we host our students through.  When her host mom contacted me to ask if I was available to do a Senior Portrait session less than a week before portraits were due for the Yearbook, we knew we had to act fast! It worked out for me to do the session that same, frigidly cold afternoon in January. Considering it was right in the middle of winter in Michigan and the fact that I usually gravitate to beautiful foliage as a natural backdrop, I knew this senior portrait session would have a slightly different appearance than normal. I decided to embrace the deadness of winter on this snowless, overcast day and make it work. I wasn’t sure if dormant vineyards and harvested corn fields were the best choices for this type of session but that’s what was available and, for some reason, I find those things oddly appealing in their own way. And Yanna was a trooper! I think it was around 15° F and windy and she stuck it out like a pro! I am very ready for warm temperatures, green leaves, and sunshine though! This week we’ve had a little teaser with some bright sunshine and light sweater-wearing temperatures but I have lived here long enough now to know winter isn’t over yet. Not even close. It’s March 1st! Who else is looking forward to Summer???