Michael and Josie

Have you ever wanted to share something but you can’t find the right words? Like this adorable couple here… I took these photos over a month ago but I haven’t blogged about them yet, not because I wasn’t excited to share the photos but because… well… to be perfectly honest, sometimes it’s really hard to come up with things to say that are anywhere near as lovely as the people I photograph. I’m told it’s important to have words in a blog. (Duh, right?) Ideally at least 300 of them… with keywords to clue in what my website is about…. i.e. Photography or portraits…. there… those words are now in this blog post. There’s also the nagging questions, “Do my words really matter?” and “Does anyone other than Corin actually READ all these words or do they just scroll straight to the pictures?” Also, I hear people like honest and vulnerable people who are willing to share all the crappy crazy personal stuff they are going through because it humanizes them and makes them more relatable… but where is the line between being relatable and revealing you’re actually batshit crazy just trying to pass as whatever the fuck “normal” is?

I should probably talk a little bit about Michael and Josie since that’s what this blog post is supposed to be about. Of course, if you follow me on social media you’ve probably already seen me gush about how much I adore this couple. Anyone who isn’t currently in a loving relationship may feel sick looking at these photos and anyone who has been in a loving relationship for a very very long time may wonder if they were ever that sappy (chances are, you were!) I think the pictures really speak for themselves though. Just look at them! Do they really need an introduction?

Oh, look! I made it past 300 words! If you actually read all the way through this and didn’t just skip to the pretty photos, please leave me a comment at the end of this post and tell me so I know not to shed as much of my crazy next time. Thanks!