Reid turned THREE! (And boy-oh-boy, did she!)

Sometimes all the stars align… the outside temperature is perfection, the sun is beautiful with just the right amount of clouds, the children are in pleasant, cooperative moods and we all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!

This was not one of those times!

Reid decided not to take a nap on the day of her family’s photo session – despite her parents well planned intentions (every parent has been there, am I right?); plus it was nearly 100°F (In MICHIGAN); the sun was blazing hot! And she did NOT want me to take her picture! I pulled out every single trick I could think of in order to win this 3-year-old over… but she was immune to all my tactics! If only I could actually poop butterflies, she might have liked that. I left this session drenched in sweat and feeling a level of defeat that I haven’t experienced at the end of a session in a very long time.

However, even though she ran me and her sweet parents absolutely ragged and made me question my very being… I’m a pretty tough cookie and will not go down without a fight! It’s always my goal to capture the true essence of each person I photograph… and I did manage to realistically capture her vibrant 3-year-old personality quite well! Thankfully, she is adorable, even when she glares at the camera, refusing to smile!