Dancers at Grand Mere State Park

Last summer I took three dancers to Grand Mere State Park for a group session and called it Dancers On The Nature Trail.  It was so much fun that I decided to do it again this summer. It can be tough to coordinate a group session around multiple busy schedules. I had five dancers lined Read More

Carolyn’s Dancer Session | Benton Harbor, Michigan

In May 2016, to give my new-to-Michigan photography business a little boost, I ran contests for four different FREE photo sessions — 1. A Dancer Session. 2. A Portrait Session. 3. A Couple/Best Friend Session. 4. A Natural State Session — all of which were to take place over the course of the Summer.  Carolyn Read More

Dancers on the Nature Trail | Grand Mere State Park

I think I have made it pretty clear by now how much I love all things dance!  I’m quite passionate about it. A couple other things I enjoy are: a good nature hike and Grand Mere State Park. If you put those together – Dancing, Hiking and Grand Mere – with a camera in hand, Read More

Yonique’s Dancer Session | St. Joseph, MI

It’s official! It was a very slow process, but as of June 2016, I finally got my LLC, business certification, and all the boring crap it takes to make “Lydia Woosley Photography” the real deal again! I went through some serious bouts of anxiety to get over this hump. But now I’ve made it this Read More

A Dance Performance | Stevensville, Michigan

In the beginning of 2016, I was still battling back and forth with the idea of officially starting my photography business again. I had some great reasons to go for it but also some much louder reasons not to. “What if I’m not ready?” However, when I received a message from Sarah (a dance teacher Read More