Film | Kodak Duaflex III

My friend Lindsay and I drove to a huge antique store in Coloma, MI a few years ago and among all the wonderful and random things, I found an old Kodak Duaflex III camera. I didn’t know if it worked but I decided to snag it anyway. It was $6 – I couldn’t pass it up. Read More

More Film With My Canon AE-1

In my continued pursuit into film photography, over the course of six or seven months – in 2015, somewhere between May to November (the downside to film: no timestamp) – I carried my Canon AE-1 to various places and used it to capture random things in my life. Something I love about film is that Read More

Adventuring back into Film with my Canon AE-1

When I was a kid and all the way through my teens all I knew was film photography. Digital cameras were not commonly used until I was in my late teens; and I didn’t handle a digital camera, myself, until I was about 21 years old. Even so, when I got the itch to dip my Read More