Gresham Family (2013) | St. Joseph, Michigan

I officially started Lydia Woosley Photography in Panama City, Florida shortly after April 2011 when, simultaneously, my second child was born and the photography and design company I worked for basically vanished. It was a bit ambiguous, but a good circumstance nonetheless. The owners of Frshnk Photography and Design were offered jobs they could not refuse which required them to move away. That gave me the shove I needed to venture out on my own. I still miss Dustin, Patrick, Chris and Bryce though! Those were fun times!

When I moved to St. Joseph, Michigan in January 2013, I chose to take a break from running my photography business. I was then pregnant with my third child and suddenly living in a new town, far away from all my family, friends and clientele… except for the Greshams. The Gresham family also used to live in Panama City. I knew them because Joe worked with my husband. They were one of my first family sessions when I was working for Frshnk. It was so nice to already know a family when we were brand new Michigan residents.

Technically, Lydia Woosley Photography did not exist anymore when I did the session below; I closed everything related to my photography business, including my website. I was enjoying my hiatus. But with my large, round and slightly lopsided 7 month pregnant belly bump I thoroughly enjoyed stepping back into my roll as a photographer and doing what I love to do.

The Grasham family made my life a little easier during a stage in my life when I really needed it. With two little boys and a baby girl on the way – they were there for us as babysitters and companions. They are such genuinely kind human beings who will forever hold a special place both in my heart and in front of my lens. And when I go to their house, they still have photos from that very first session on their walls, along with photos from this session and another one later, in early 2015. I love seeing my work on people’s walls.

This turned out to be a beautiful day, in May 2013, to be in the middle of an apple orchard.


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