My Handsome Hubby’s Headshots

It was the middle of October 2015 in St. Joseph, Michigan; the light was perfect; the leaves were beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow; the air had that amazing, cool, fall smell; and I had this bright idea to force my nerd of a husband to dress up and pose for headshots in our back yard. He absolutely hates having his picture taken, which has resulted in an overabundance of awkward photos throughout the years — but I had recently convinced him to buy a strange-to-him fedora (which he now wears nearly every non-winter day), and I purchased a Jolly Roger bow tie for him to wear at his sister’s Pirate Themed wedding in Punta Cana a month earlier. After we put these two items together along with a nice button down shirt and suspenders, even he had to admit he was looking good! And though he was annoyed with the camera in his face, he did his best to cooperate with me for this spontaneous little photo shoot. He agrees the end result was well worth the trouble but I don’t foresee a modeling career at any point in his future. He still prefers his face in front of a computer screen rather than a camera lens.