Yonique’s Dancer Session | St. Joseph, MI

It’s official! It was a very slow process, but as of June 2016, I finally got my LLC, business certification, and all the boring crap it takes to make “Lydia Woosley Photography” the real deal again! I went through some serious bouts of anxiety to get over this hump. But now I’ve made it this far… and the journey continues. Let’s see how far I can go! Are you with me?

I am determined to do more dance, performance and fitness photography this time. If you continue to follow my blog, you will see that I did get to shoot a bit in each of these categories in 2016. I really hope to do even more this year!

This Dancer Session was held in my own back yard, in early June 2016. Yonique is a beautiful dancer and mommy of two young children. I’m so happy I got to take a tap class with her and get to know her a little bit before she moved away. (Yes, she moved away. *sad face*) We bonded over our love for dance and our mutual understanding of severe long term sleep deprivation, caused by our second babies — Seriously. Most would consider it inhumane torture! I am so glad I am past that stage of my life… and that my third child was a better sleeper! — Despite her lack of sleep, when we finally worked out a time for this session, we both had a blast! Dancer sessions are so much fun! Dancer sessions with friends are THE BEST!

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This is the “I’m out with no kids” face!20160608-img_9017-edit

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