Carolyn’s Dancer Session | Benton Harbor, Michigan

In May 2016, to give my new-to-Michigan photography business a little boost, I ran contests for four different FREE photo sessions — 1. A Dancer Session. 2. A Portrait Session. 3. A Couple/Best Friend Session. 4. A Natural State Session — all of which were to take place over the course of the Summer.  Carolyn was the lucky winner of the Free Dancer Session! In July, just about a month away from getting married, this beautiful dancer arrived with an array of fun outfits and we ventured around the Benton Harbor Arts District and found some great spots to shoot. I have a lot of favorites from this session but I think at the top of the list would have to be the ones of her wearing the white, vintage dress in front of the red brick wall. But seriously, Carolyn brought “it”. She was absolutely stunning throughout the entire session! Oh yeah, and to top it off… she’s like… super nice and cool.

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