Michael and Josie | A Magical Photo Session

I met Michael Herman through my neighborhood’s Facebook group a few years ago — His parents live in my neighborhood and, at that time, he was a college student living back at home for the summer; about to head off to L.A. to further his education and study screenwriting. I instantly became a fan thanks to his YouTube channel and his undeniable charisma. His enthusiasm for life and art is enchanting. Despite my feeble attempts at stalking and the fact that his parents live right down the street from me, it was another two years before I finally met him in person. Last summer he asked me if I would be interested in shooting a Magician themed couple’s session; to which I exclaimed, HELL YES!!! I have to say, this session was FAR from disappointing. And to make things even better: I also got to meet Michael’s beautiful girlfriend, Josie Lapczynski, who somehow manages to both match and compliment his sweet, charismatic personality as well as his multiple talents (and visa-vera)! Sorry about all the gushing, but I absolutely adore this pair! Be sure to check out the links included at the end of this post for more information about Michael and Josie.

For “The Magicians” themed couple’s session, we started out at The Box Factory for the Arts for some on-stage action (and some amazing window light) and then we headed outdoors, into the woods, where the real magic happened. When Michael first told me the theme, I envisioned the use of smoke. “How magical would that be?”, I thought. I’ve seen smoke bombs used by other photographers and felt this would be the perfect time to try using them myself. When I mentioned my idea in an email, Josie immediately ordered a couple! Suddenly I was both overwhelmingly excited and nervous! This was my first time working with smoke bombs. Unfortunately, only one of them worked, which gave me one chance – my first and only – to get some great shots with the smoke. They turned out pretty great but I definitely wish I had another shot at it. Oh well! This was an incredible experience with two incredible people! I want to do it again!

SIDE NOTE: This past February, I had a chance to watch the two of them star in a play that Michael wrote and Josie directed, called “Making Purple”, and it was wonderful! BRILLIANT! If you ever have a chance to see them perform, you must go! Until then, I’ll just ask you to enjoy the photos I took of them last summer. Did I mention how adorable they are? 

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You can learn more about Michael HERE.
And Josie’s art HERE and her photography HERE.

For more information on Couples Sessions, click HERE.

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