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In May 2016, in order to give my new-to-Michigan photography business a little boost, I ran contests for four different FREE photo sessions — 1. A Dancer Session. 2. A Portrait Session. 3. A Couples/Best Friends Session. and 4. A Natural State Boudoir Session — all of which were to take place over the course of the Summer. Two weeks ago, I shared about the winner of the free Dancer Session. Today I’m going to share with you the winners of the free Couples/Best Friends session.

I am green with envy! Not long before this session took place, Brian and Chastity returned from their trip to Ireland where they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. For as long as I can remember, Ireland has been at the very top of my long list of countries I want to visit — closely tied with a few other European countries. But back to the two people this post is actually about. Chastity entered the contest and won this session thanks to a random name generator. It was perfectly coincidental timing for them to win this free couple’s photo session just as they were celebrating 20 years of marriage! I already knew Chastity a little bit because she happens to be the Librarian at my kids’ school. I tend to have a soft spot for smart, blunt, sarcastic women, and she completely fits that mold! I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Brian as well but he certainly scores cool points by association! I loved how, every time the wind would mess up her hair, he would carefully fix it for her and she would roll her eyes. It was both sweet and comical.

So here they are after we met up at my favorite State Park in early August 2016 and hunted for the best light.

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