Susannah’s Portrait Session

In May 2016, to give my new-to-Michigan photography business a little boost, I ran contests for four different FREE photo sessions — 1. A Dancer Session. 2. A Portrait Session. 3. A Couple/Best Friend Session. 4. A Natural State Session — all of which were to take place over the course of the Summer. Susannah was the winner of the free Portrait Session!

Susannah, like myself, is a mother of three young children and feels the wear and tear from it. She wasn’t confident that she would look good in these photos but you can’t tell that by looking at her. She totally went for it; she was up for anything! She didn’t even hesitate to jump in the water when I asked her to. (And yes, I got soaked as well.) We both had a lot of fun with this session!

After she received her photos she wrote this sweet note to her friends on Facebook:

“This summer I won a free photo session and kept putting it off bc I never felt good enough about myself. As a mother, I’m always the one behind the camera and hardly have any photos that I really like of just me. The photos turned out to be beautiful and made me feel much less critical about those wrinkles, stretch marks and extra pounds. I would recommend any mother to treat themselves to a photo session to embrace and celebrate your true beauty inside and out. Thank you, Lydia Woosley! You are an amazing photographer!”

I love that SO MUCH because that is exactly what I strive for. I seek to see every ounce of beauty in each person I photograph and hope that they can see what I see in them when they see their photos. I don’t always accomplish this objective, but when I do, it feels really good!

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