Bosch Family Portraits | Stevensville, MI

A couple months earlier I had the pleasure of photographing my friend, Susannah, as one of four free portrait sessions that I offered over the summer. After that, she decided it was time to get portraits of her whole beautiful family.  It was oddly warm for a late October day in Michigan, but it worked out perfectly for a photo session around the dunes and on the beach!

I learned something from this session… If you need to make a whole family smile, consistently call one of the members by the wrong name, even if it’s immediately after you’ve been corrected. Of course, this probably only works if the family has a very relaxed sense of humor! It’s absolutely ridiculous how many times I called the oldest child by the wrong name! Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain! (It has a mind of its own, you know!) But, hey, at least we got some laughs out of it! Check out this beautiful, fun-loving family! I still can’t believe this session was shot in October!


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