Andrew’s Headshots

Oy with the poodles already! The past few weeks have been pure madness! My in-laws came for their annual summer visit which overlapped with the arrival of our new foreign exchange student. I had to make the transition from host mode to host parent mode, very quickly, and get my new 16-year-old ready for his first day of American high school; all while attempting to get my three kids back into somewhat normal routines and sleep schedules. I’m afraid I was the least successful with that last part. And now, ready or not, the new school year has begun! Whew! My system is still in shock.

A few weeks ago, right before the end of summer madness began, I got to photograph my friend Andrew’s face. (Also known as Headshots) Andrew is one of those fun-to-be-around kinda guys, and his beautiful wife and daughter totally follow suit! He’s also a guitarist in two different bands: Locktender and Pack Sounds. Locktender is an art focused progressive hardcore/post rock/heavy metal band, while Pack Sounds is more in the Emo/punk/post-rock genre. When I went to his house for this session, he proudly showed off his newest, very pretty, fancy-looking guitar. I don’t “get” guitars, as I am not a guitarist, but I can easily compare his excitement to the feeling I get when I buy new camera gear. “Enthusiastically geeked” is the best way I can describe it.

Speaking of camera gear… I’ve been wanting to shoot with my light kit more lately and Andrew was the perfect subject for this style of session. I tend to feel like not owning fancy studio equipment and backdrops means I can’t provide professional, studio-looking images. But I think I’ve proved myself wrong here. Using only my Yongnuo YN600EX-RT Speedlites and a White Translucent Umbrella for lighting, I put the black side of my 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc behind him to provide a solid backdrop and I made it work. The real magic happened in the editing process though. I had a lot of fun editing these! My process started with the use of a Rooke & Rover Lightroom Preset along with quite a few adjustments to my liking before getting into the nitty gritty little details. I don’t usually share this much about my behind-the-scenes and post process work flow but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that while the expensive, fancy shit is great (and I still WANT all the fancy shit), it’s not absolutely necessary in order to achieve a great image.

So, anyway… this is Andrew!

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