McKay’s Senior Portraits

There is something incredibly exciting (and scary) about Senior Year! Graduating from high school is such an enormous turning point in every student’s life, regardless of what their plans are to do next! I think that’s one of the reasons I love doing Senior portraits so much.

I have really been struggling to blog lately. Life is busy. Chaotic. Overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to silence the insanity long enough to hear myself think let alone write a blog post that sufficiently describes the amazing people who let me take their pictures. But these photos cannot go any longer without being shared! It was a beautiful, unusually hot, late September day here in Southwest Michigan. We walked the trail at Grand Mere State Park while McKay lugged around his huge Bass. (I probably shouldn’t complain about carrying my heavy camera bag around anymore.) Halfway through this session, I had to stop and ask, “Do you know who Neil Patrick Harris is?” He nodded and said that he’s been told he looks like him. “That’s not a bad thing!”, I told him while trying not to reveal, too blatantly, my mild obsession with NPH.

Other than looking like one of my favorite celebrities, McKay is one of six kids in his family and a new uncle; he is on the swim team, and he plays bass in Orchestra. And by the end of this photo session, he was totally ready for his interview with GQ!

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