Kaley’s Senior Portraits

Boy, life has a way of taking priority over blogging about photo sessions! Where did the past few weeks go? Why am I so tired? My fingers type pretty fast but my brain thinks MUCH faster! Since my last post, I dressed my three kids up in cheap Halloween costumes from Meijer, helped in classroom parties and went trick-or-treating; then spent weeks, coming up with a menu for Thanksgiving, and days cooking and prepping so my little family could eat too much food in a 30 minute time span and then eat leftovers every day until we turned green. There’s still a little bit of Turkey and Greenbean casserole left in the fridge but I don’t think anyone wants to touch it. Now that we finally got Halloween and Thanksgiving out of the way, I can decorate for the Christmas holiday and insist on listening to nothing but Christmas music while I do ALL my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Can anyone out there relate to any of this?

Anyway! Somewhere in the middle of all that, I fit in a few photo sessions with some pretty awesome people and I need to show them off before the year is over! So, my next few posts may be less wordy because life isn’t slowing down anytime soon and the end of the year is near!

Kaley is a senior in high school! She has grown up so much since I first met her. Not just in stature, but as a person. She seems to have become very comfortable with who she is and with that comes a level of confidence that I wish I had found at such a young age. It’s amazing to see. She was shorter than me the first time I took pictures of her and her sweet family in Downtown Panama City, Florida 7 years ago. Now she is 6 feet tall! I forgot to bring my stepstool and found myself stretching up on my tippy toes and using some climbing skills to get on eye level with her. Other times I just made her sit down! That was easier than me trying to be tall. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kaley does with her life. She is so smart and funny and beautiful, inside and out. I have no doubt she can do anything she puts her mind to. I absolutely adore her and her family!

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